Buckle up : It’s time to take our country back! F. K

The deep state [Hezb & co.] is panicking like never before. Think about it, would you even think that the patriots didn’t know the playbook and the narrative that Aoun and his puppet masters [Hezbollah] would settle after oct. 14th ? the answer is yes. People are watching and they all saw the videos and specially they heard the whatsapp voices from Hezbo@llah threatening TWO DAY PRIOR for another may 7th.

Remember, this is not only about a person [Bitar]… they simply don’t want an investigation in the first place.. why ? because they are fighting for their LIVES… think about it, if the truth reveals that Hezb@llah was stocking arsenal missiles and nitrate in the international port of Beirut, It will turn out that he and his allies [Lebanese authorities] violated the 1701 and crimes against humanity and will be accused for using human shields for his agenda, that’s why they’re panicking and they are using all the ammunition’s they have to stop the investigation.

Now, the patriots knew the playbook and that’s the reason why the LF didn’t fall into their trap by officially implicating themselves in Tayouneh with armed militia mans. This is irregular warfare, It’s not a war with bullets but this is an information war. The deep state was preparing an invasion into mainly christians areas of Beirut to stop the justice and using force like they did back in 2008. Hezbo knows that he was taking a risk against the residents of Ain el Remmani and he knew that the residents will defend themselves and later they’ll settle a narrative to implicate the LF with pictures and videos showing themselves with middle range weapons…

But wait a minute, something turned wrong… they clashed with the Military and they friendly killed each others… we all saw the videos showing militia mans shouting “shia shia shia”, but zero video from the other sides showing LF militia mans… this is something they didn’t expect… they were fighting against GHOSTS and the military. People watched this and they prove the whole country what a real joke they really are and unskilled to take down the whole country, that’s why they were spraying Ain el Remmani with bullets without focusing on any target… they were afraid and frustrated that the plan didn’t work as expected. It also prove how weak are Jumblatt and Hariri because they were looking for an excuse to justify their cowardly compromise with kezbol’s. It destroyed the FPM because the Oct. 14 buried their arguments regarding their understanding with the terrorist militia.

The patriots wanted the people to see the truth and how the deep the corruption is in the justice system. We have a judge [Akiki] who summoned Hakim for the investigation regarding Tayyouneh’s incident while he didn’t call for Nasr@allah himself and Nabih Berri for violating the constitution, and threatening a judge [Bitar] through Wafik Safa and interfering in the Beirut blast investigation to stop it… and we all know that there is zero evidence against Hakim…. People woke up, they’re are fed up with in-justice and impunity. Now, this is not just about standing with one person [Samir Geagea], because in reality… they’re not after him… they’re after WE THE PEOPLE… he’s just in their way. This is no longer 1994 when they used to fabricate fake cases and scenarios… this is 2021, people saw  and shared evidence to each others and this is the time to take back our country, a country under the rule of law, one army with secured borders and airport, a country where human values are well treated. the strong republic of Bashir Gemayel.


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