The great awakening —F.K

The LF are setting up the way for the Future while the FPM and their puppet masters [Hezbo] are sinking down politically, specially after the Ain el-Remanni invasion attempt… and now the diplomatic crisis with the gulf countries is airing the moumanaa’s incompetence and it stinks! In order to take our country back, the patriots want to know on who they can count in the upcoming days and how to build strong alliances all across the country.

On Oct. 25th 2021, Melhem Riachi sent a message through a tweet: “In conclusion, and in all cases, we will not remember the words of the adversaries or the enemies, but… the silence of friends! (Martin Luther King)”. What’s the purpose of Riachi’s tweet ? not only he was talking about Hariri and Jumblatt but the purpose is much deeper : the upcoming months are crucial and to liberate the country from the Iranian occupation, the LF want to take the lead alongside uncorrupted political figures and non opportunistic politicians who will never abandon the basis of the cedar revolution. In this kind of situation the country is heading, the LF need to know who’s with a free sovereign Lebanon and who’s really against it. Remember, this is not only about a four years elections, this is about to take our country back and to do so, we cannot rely on those who remained silent when the LF were facing all the fake accusations of 14/10/2021.

Now… the great game of chess has been played and each move the patriots makes pushes the deep state [Hezbo & allies] to do something that expose more of their agenda. What are we witnessing today? the precipice of destruction. Yes, Cordahi’s position towards the Houthis pushed the Gulf countries to freeze the diplomatic relations…however the problem is much bigger… keptagon, smuggling, money laundering, Hezbo’s hostilities against the Gulf countries on the expense of the Lebanese government, training the Houthis, and the list is long. As people see it and live, they are realizing that the deep state [Hezbo & allies] agenda is not going to benefit them at the end.

The deep state [Hezbo] is a house of cards and it is about to come crashing down. Moumanaa’s narrative is falling apart. We are witnessing the fall of one of his partners in previous governments [Saad Hariri] who is ending his political career and the downfall of his mainly christian ally [FPM]… does it mean that all the defectors will become close to the LF ? not necessarily… but people are waking up and recognizing the facts that they were duped : Joseph Abou Fadel, Johnny Mnayyar, Zein el-Omar, etc. This is the great awakening!

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