Darwin and us. Georges Melhem

We are prisoners of those who are our antithesis, and so many seem to wrongly adapt to it or worse, indulge in it.
We’re way past the Stockholm syndrome which is based on misplaced but genuine empathy with the criminal and into other forms of adaptation and “evolution”.
(1) Cowardice: avoiding confrontation and eventually dying;
(2) Prostitution: consciously joining Evil against personal riches and survival benefits; basically em[body]ing evil.
(3) Useful idiocy: unconsciously contributing to Evil’s plan with misdirected actions;
(4) Defeatism: becoming food for the predator – usually eaten as they’re still alive.
Keep your spirits up, your morals unstained, your mind sharp, and your hopes high.
We need a Revolution.
Not an evolution, and certainly not one based on submission to and promiscuity with Evil.
Have faith, courage, and dont be a Tfeh.

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