Lebanese Fierceness. Bechara Korban

Focus on what is really vital for a legitimate and dignified existence. It’s neither food nor money, rather your Lebanese identity, your homeland and the sovereignty of your country that come first. Once you lose it, all the money and all the food in the world cannot get it back.
Look around you, the refugees from neighbouring countries: What identity do they have besides a label on a piece of paper?
They are on a leash, fed and financed.. They have a roof over their heads and they’re not dying from starvation.
However, they reminisce everyday on the nation they have lost, the homes they once had, the community and way of life they had cherished.
Now, they are seeking to obtain a new identity for themselves and for their progeny as a scant palliative for their loss.
They are in a twilight zone, mere shadows of themselves.
Do we want to become refugees abroad, or worse, outcasts in our own country?

Embrace your Lebanese soul!
Embrace absolute, irreducible, and pure Sovereignty!
One purpose,
No half-measures,
No compromise!

📷 : Bazaoun

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