Patriotism ,YES LET’S TEACH IT…Caroline Chemaly.

Patriotism, a word that lost its Essence in a country where loyalty of its citizens has been fully dedicated to its politicians, one of the main reasons of the Collapse of a country until declaring it a failed state,

Lebanon the country which instead that the government fights the mafia, The government is the mafia,

Lebanon the country in which the absence of Patriotism values, conscious, humanity, where the worship of money, power, self-interest overpassed the interest of the country, and diverted the vocation of their politicians from a prosperous country to a country with a parallel economy to a complete failed state,

In a country where kids are politically brain washed by their parents at home, and which some schools dedicate hours per week to teach devotion and develop a full obedience to the political party that founded and financial their school and life to manipulate them psychologically in the future and guarantee their survival and continuity, Teaching Patriotism, social and national cohesion from beginner classes, with its integration in history classes became a necessity in a country embroiled in ongoing conflicts, internally and externally, has become a necessity to its existence,  

In a country where its citizens, new generation and especially the millennium generation and generation X is politically oriented in its maximum majority “Crossed my mind the book that Donald D. Searing – Department of Political Science in the university of North Carolina at Chapell Hill, wrote in his book “The Psychology of Political Authority: A Causal Mechanism of Political Learning through Persuasion and Manipulation”, who is speaking about the way politicians/leaders get their followers to act differently than what they would have done, +……,  Patriotism weekly debate at the universities and Patriotism campaigns are a must to ensure the benefits of Lebanon, Lebanon comes first,

Yes, lets teach Patriotism in schools, lets teach our kids full loyalty to Lebanon ONLY, and not to a political party, lets teach our kids to conserve Lebanon’s strength, work on its keys of success and turn its weakness into opportunities, lets teach our kids that politicians are available to work for the benefit of our country only, lets teach our kids that when a politician divert from its mission, he should be judged,

Let’s teach them patriotism to preserve what our ancestors and grandparents fought for; A Free Lebanon,

This is how we will guarantee the existence and prosperity of our Beloved Lebanon,

Our Kids, The Future…



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