Now the deep state [Hezbo & co] are fighting for their lives and they are trying everything to stop the Beirut Blast investigation because they know at the end, when the truth comes out, they’re done, the house of card will fall like a domino.

The reason why they created the Ain el-Remmani invasion on 14/10 is because they are desperate and they have nothing to counter back against the reality that they have committed a crime against humanity that led to 4/8/2020 with the benediction of his ally [FPM] as a christian cover. They tried to use the 14/10 by using the military tribunal against our patriots in Ain el-Remmani, to put a pressure on the Lebanese People and specially their primary rival [ LF ]: “Beirut blast VS Tayouneh, take your pick”… but wait a minute… did It work ? off course not. Why ? because people saw everything and they are not buying the idea of summoning Samir Geagea who supposedly defended himself without summoning Hassan Nasrallah himself who was the invader.

Now, Hezbo & co. are fully aware that the people are aware how unskilled their fighters are, people saw them friendly shooting each others in Tayouneh. The patriots broke the glass of fear and the people are not afraid anymore to engage. The only card They [Hezbo] have is their christian cover, the majority in the parliament and the military tribunal. The government is paralysed and boycotted by Amal & Hezbo until Bitar is tossed up. It’s a kind of pressure they’re putting on his Christian ally [FPM] who is actually panicking and seeking to postpone the elections in order to save their popular electoral vote with a small انجاز so they can run their electoral machine based on some achievements. The people are fed up, they are starving, the $$ is skyrocketing, and all they [Hezbo & co] care of is how to get rid of the Beirut blast investigation. They are loosing the narrative every single day and why do you think the FPM is actually blaming Ryad Salameh for everything ? why now ? GB is trying to reach a small achievement before the time is up. He is afraid of the expats vote, the more the lebanese abroad registered, and the more they used to panic. Why do you think he and his ally [hezbo] want to isolate the expats with 6 mps ?? so they can keep playing their game with impunity and keep the free lebanese away from taking part in the future of their country. The expats votes will definitely storm them away, specially in North-Lebanon III.

Aoun’s mandate will go down as the most horrific nightmare in the history of our country. People are awaken, they are seeing the truth coming out day after day and the FPM is stacked with the short time and the only way for GB to save Aoun’s mandate is to betray his ally and flip the majority in the parliament against Hezbo. Will he do it to save his butt from the US sanctions and for the sake of his tayyar and the people? Like we say, It’s only when we reach the precipice of destruction, we find the courage to evolve. However, It’s too late. People are fed up with lies, nothing can stop what’s coming. They are done.



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