The unforgivable pardons. Georges Melhem

If we are to look at how a “human system” fails, and Lebanon is a prime sample for the that, the answer is obvious: rule of law. Once a (fair and human rights-based) judicial system collapses, the society it was controlling collapses.
There are many reasons why judicial systems collapse, but the main one is from within society itself. Taking Lebanon’s example, we have been in a system (since “independence” if not before) that actually encourages crime by forgiving it.
Our legislators grant a general amnesty every now and then, (“3afou 3an ma mada”) and our society grants criminals with not just an amnesty, but mistakes crime for “street smart” and, worse yet, cozies up to criminals for personal benefits and services. Said criminals play their game well, wielding power, granting services and offering money which they gathered at a misery and blood-cost which in some cases cannot be fathomed. Adding insult to injury, they usually pose as “benefactors” (since they offer and purchase “benefits”) to anyone who solicits their favors and bows to them, and push the insult further by pretending religious faith and manipulating those around them (luring them too) into “submission”.
In effect, crime permeates into and invade society as a whole, and becomes the norm instead of the exception, as many start to indulge in and profit from it, driven as they are by greed, opportunism, gold-digging, insecurity and criminal smart.
Welcome to Lebanon. Partner up with a corrupt politician, or pray hard and loud, and you can join the “Wanton Crime” circle.
Should you go with that, as a voting citizen, in order to secure personal interests, then you become a criminal too.
Corruption has just been dubbed a human rights issue in the free world.
Crime and fortune-gathering through crimes of war is the vilest form of humankind.
Rule of Flaw must end.
No more “3afou 3an ma mada”….
No more Unforgivable Pardons.
Who the hell (pun intended) are we to grant them?
How can we fail our own system, be it legal or belief?
We’d be partners in crime.

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