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The CC has finally spoken, and a miracle happened : the Deep State [Hezbo & Tayyar] failed to commit the second biggest crime against the Lebanese people: the Tayyar failed to isolate the expats from voting in their home districts.. and Hezbo/Amal failed to remove Bitar. Hezbo is now fully preoccupied to save his Christian ally, their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left to do is use all available ammunition to push their agenda. However, these remaining ammunitions may not
be AK’s and B7s: filmmaking and acting.

You read it : filmmaking and acting. The only way to mark an achievement, is to burn publicly the Mar Mikhael agreement in order to fool the Gulf councils, the international community and the people… but wait a minute… The people know their playbook, its the same playbook they used in 14/10/2021 by trying to invade Ain el-Remmani to remove Bitar… but this time is to “save private Gebran” from the tsunami that will storm his Tayyar away from the next parliament.

This push is failing and they know it … It’s all a setup with Hezbo for electoral purposes… remember the “baltaji” video ? and few months later, GB and his MPs voted for the Baltaji ?! Now their puppet [Tayyar] is sending messages through their unintelligent pawns [Ghassan Atallah and others] and lately… a video of GB attacking Hezbo… their offensive begins after the New Year… like we said before in our previous letters [read: Checkmate I & II].

All the chess moves have been placed, and It’s time to take about the country, the people are ready, they are or have reached the precipices. Everything is set into motion, the LF already exposed their agenda, people are no longer taking the GB and his Tayyar seriously.

Whatever will be their offensive…
Enjoy the film 🙂


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