Silence is golden. F.K

BEIRUT BLAST / August 4th 2020 was a punishment from our holy father, according to a Franciscan nun. After having over watched his interview, I couldn’t sleep.

Why ? because according to his believes, we’ve being punished for receiving the communion by hand for over two years. Dear father, those thousands of families who lost their homes, their sons, their daughters, their mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, friends, did they choose to receive the communion by hand to get the punishment of our holy father with this “pink” colourful smoke like you told this lady in the interview ? how do you know ? how do you know that many of them were not even approving the fact of receiving the communion by hand but they had no choice because they were simply following public health instructions, something we have no control over ?

After all … this explosion also targeted “non-christians” areas as well, what do they have to do with your “religious theory” ? this explosion targeted millions of lebanese in Lebanon and abroad, killed people’s mind and shocked the world !! this explosion was the result of negligence with the benediction of the iranian militia that is doing everything to stop this investigation and you’re nearly telling us that people of Beirut deserved the punishment of God for not receiving the communion by hand ???

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